Safet Zec was born in 1943 in Rogatica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A graduate of the School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo and of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, he became the central figure of "poetic realism" in his native land. In 1992, he had to flee the war and leave Sarajevo to settle in Italy. Since 1998 he has his workshop in Venice. He also works in Sarajevo, Pocitelj and Paris where his engraving workshop is located. In our opinion, he is one of the greatest living European painters. Jorge Semprun, one of his admirers, was struck by "the silence of life that emanates from the paintings of Safet Zec, forever".

Pope Francis inaugurated at the end of 2014 the Deposition that he realized for the church of the Gesù in Rome.
His work has been widely exhibited in Europe in recent years, notably in various museums :
In 2008 at the Kampa Museum in Prague
In 2010 at the Correr Museum in Venice
In 2011 at the Palais Milesi Museum in Split
In 2015, at the Panorama Museum in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany
In 2016 at the Museum of San Salvatore in Lauro in Rome, and at the Hospice Comtesse Museum in Lille, where many French people have discovered this exceptional painting

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