Born in 1945 in Sabadell, near Barcelona, Antoni Taulé lives and works in Paris.
A graduate of architecture in Barcelona, he quickly turned to painting, photography and scenography. Since a first exhibition of painting in his hometown in 1966, his work is shown around the world: in Barcelona, Sitges, Madrid, Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, The Hague, Concorde, New York, Miami, Atlanta, in Switzerland , Luxembourg, China, Japan, etc.
He has worked with the greatest for stage sets: with Nathalie Sarraute for Childhood, in Paris, New York, London and Venice, with Marguerite Duras for Savannah Bay in Barcelona, with Rudolph Nureyev who choreographed the ballet Washington Square after Henry James at the Palais Garnier in Paris and at the Met in New York.
Several retrospectives have been dedicated to him, notably at the Can Framis Museum of the Vila Casas Foundation in Barcelona, at the Goya Museum in Castres, at the Stämpfli in Sitges.
Julio Cortazar, Jean-Claude Carriere, Alain Jouffroy, Lydia Harambourg, Elisabeth Couturier, etc. expressed their admiration for his work, so strong, and so identifiable: vast dark interiors, pure lines, minimalist decor, without furniture, like a dreamed architecture. And at the bottom, a large door that opens at the top of a luminous landscape and from which flows a beam of light that illuminates a part of the painting like a theater projector. Sometimes a still, lonely character reinforces the mystery and silence that emanates from the canvas. Beauty, purity, elegance, dream.

Some quotes:
"I almost always feel that the light comes to visit Taulé by surprise. » Jean-Claude Carrière
"Magician of emptiness, high priest of silence, Taulé lets light penetrate the darkness of these large uninhabited homes" Claude Pommereau Beaux-Arts magazine
"The door then becomes a reversible threshold between life and death, matter and emptiness, the visible and the invisible." Elisabeth Couturier
"Clearly cut walls at right angles, inlaid parquet or marble pavement build a plastic scenography in which the border in-out, inside-outside vanishes [...] Antoni Taulé savor the values that allow him to suggest, by rare qualities pictorial, the luminescent atmosphere, the air circulating. [...] The strength of Taulé's painting lies in the "misunderstanding" of his intermediary world haunted sometimes by characters borrowed from master paintings (Goya, Velasquez, Munch, Bacon)." Lydia Harambourg

Taulé's works are present in famous private collections and in several public institutions, in the United States, in Japan, in France (National Museum of Modern Art and Museum of the City of Paris) and in Spain (Art Museum contemporary Barcelona).

Madame Frédez - 2016 - Oil on canvas - 200 x 200 cm

Chemin d'étoiles - 2016 - Oil on canvas - 200 x 200 cm

Trinité - 2017 - Oil on canvas - 110 x 110 cm

Lyon - 2017 - Oil on canvas - 110 x 110 cm

Tour du Cap - 2017 - Oil and paper on canvas - 110 x 110 cm

Sa Sequi - 2017 - Oil and paper on canvas - 110 x 110 cm

Jeux de Dames - 2016 - Oil on canvas - 24 x 33 cm

Jeux de Dames - 2016 - Oil on canvas - 24 x 33 cm

Pièce à tiroirs - 2016 - Oil on canvas - 97 x 130 cm

Des dalles - 2016 - Oil on canvas - 81 x 100 cm

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