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“Claiming painting as a means and expression of human testimony makes Antoine Correia an heir and continuator of the great pictorial tradition. Here is an artist who dares to shake up the criteria of beauty and harmony, opposing them those of excess, those of a morphological deviance more adapted to the truth of a society in need of being. Correia's brush tears off shreds of skin, transformed into pictorial reflections. »  Lydia Harambourg

Born in 1972, Antoine Correia lives and works near Nantes.

He has exhibited since 1994:
In Paris (Marie Vitoux, Teissedre and Guigon galleries), Rouen (Duchoze gallery), Nantes (Le Garage gallery, Alain Rouzé gallery), La Rochelle (Le Clos des Cimaises gallery), Poitiers (Grand Rue gallery), Saintes (Arc gallery de Triomphe), Metz (Crid'Art gallery), Aix en Provence (Ardital gallery), Lyon (Artefact gallery).
In Belgium: Milstain galleries in Brussels and La Louve in Louftémont.
In Germany: Gedons galleries in Cologne and RAT in Odenthal.
In Switzerland: “Humanity” exhibition in Lausanne.
And at the National Museum of Fine Arts - Kaoshiung, Taiwan, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea, at the Museum of Modern Art - Caracas, Venezuela, at the Museum of Modern Art - Maracoibo, Venezuela.

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