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Born in 1947, Sereirrof lives and works in Dordogne.
Holder of a DEA in gas and plasma physics, he first led a career as a scientific researcher and teacher, before devoting himself to mosaics and then painting. He bases his exceptional art on an in-depth, artistic and technical knowledge of the work of the great painters of the past and of our time, and in particular Goya, Jean Rustin and Odd Nerdrum. The unique theme of his painting is humankind. In particular, he created an extraordinary series of 12 large canvases on Dante's Divine Comedy, some of which will be shown in the 2017 exhibition.

He has been represented by the Schwab Beaubourg gallery since 2011. We devoted personal exhibitions to him in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and presented his work at Art Elysées, Start (Strasbourg) and Art’up (Lille).
His work appears in various works: Contemporary Expressionism, Portraiture in Contemporary Art, The Nude in Contemporary Art. Several articles were devoted to him in the magazines Artension and Miroir de l’Art.

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