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"Poetry does not impose itself, it exposes itself"

- Paul Celan

A world where poetry dialogues with painting: this is what Samuel Ackerman aims to convey to those who contemplate his works. With over thirty oils and gouaches exhibited at Galerie Schwab Beaubourg, it's the world unfolding in Ackerman's art, a world where the various facets of human life are subtly revealed, a world that becomes populated as the artist progresses in his creation. His work oscillates between fascinating complexity and a universe inspired by Malevitch. His creativity draws from his roots and is nourished by various influences. He paints landscapes of the Holy Land with Jewish mysticism, as well as Parisian landscapes and self-portraits reflecting the turmoil of our time.

Born in 1951 in Mukachevo (Ukraine), on the border between Slovakia and Hungary, into a family of Holocaust survivors, Samuel Ackerman graduated from the Academy of Monumental Art in Uzhgorod, a place open to Western culture. Among his youthful influences are the customs of the Roma and Hutsuls, a mountainous people sung by Sergei Parajanov, the Jewish traditions of Central Europe, and Ukrainian folk art.

After completing his military service as a painter and creating a museum for his division, he worked at the Mukachevo Drama Theatre as a set designer. At the age of 22, he emigrated to Israel with his parents and brother.

In 1976, with Mikhail Grobman and Avraham Ofek, he founded the Leviathan group. This group aimed to establish a new Israeli avant-garde, expressing an Israeli Jewish existential identity through Jewish mysticism and the connection with the land of Israel, while allowing each member to find their own formal translation.

In 1984, he moved to Paris with his wife and daughter. His second daughter was born in Paris. The Parisian period gave him the opportunity to reconsider several of his formative influences, such as Russian avant-garde, particularly Malevitch and Khlebnikov, while immersing himself in the world of Dada and the École de Paris. The poetry of Paul Celan inspires him to create works imbued with tragedy, as well as more recent disasters such as the Notre-Dame fire and the war in Ukraine.

Samuel Ackerman has been exhibiting since 1970 in Ukraine, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. His works are included in collections at institutions such as the Israel Museum (Jerusalem), Haifa Museum, National Museum of Ukraine (Kiev), and Shevchenko Museum (Kiev).






Expositions personnelles

2024Musées San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome

           Musée San Paolo, Modène

           Fondation The Bank, Bassano del Grappa (VI)

2021 - "Les fous habitent le sacré" Fondation Stelline, Milan

2020 - "WAW!" Arte Contemporanea, Milan

2019 - "LInvasion" The Bank Contemporary Art Collection, Bassano del Grappa 

2017 - "Sanctimonia" Musée Pinacoteca, Imola

2014 - "Mort des Muses" Officina della Memoria e dell’Immagine, Fiuggi  

2012 - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" Galerie Wannabee, Milan

2011 - "Vos ombres ressemblent à des guillotines" Galerie Sourmilk Art, Milan

2009 - "Ton corps est la douce avilissement" Salle Truffaut, Modène

2008 - "Aucune résurrection pour les enfants méchants" Le Regard de lAutre, Modène


Expositions collectives 


2023 - "Peinture Secrète" Fondation The Bank, Bassano del Grappa 

           "Vertige de la liste" Galerie Diorama, Rome 

           "Inventarium" Reial Cercle Artistic, Barcelone 

2022 - "La Forme de la Beauté, la grande peinture de la figuration italienne" Collection d'Art Contemporain The Bank, Gualdo Tadino 

2021 - "Ultra-Romantisme" Forteresse de Vignola, Vignola 

           "À revoir les étoiles" Musées Civiques Eremitani, Padoue

2020 - "PAM ! Privatissima" Galerie d’Art Contemporain du Palais Ducal, Pavullo 

           "Peintres Fantastiques dans la Vallée du Pô" PAC Padiglione Arte Contemporanea, Ferrare

           "La Captivité du Moi" Galerie d’Art Contemporain du Palais Ducal, Pavullo (MO)

           "Mors in Fabula" L’Arca degli Esposti, Palerme

2019 - "ArtVerona 2019" Galerie d'Art Contemporain Federico Rui, Vérone

           "Dessin Sculpture Peinture" Galerie Ossimoro, Spilamberto, Modène

           "Wopart" Galerie d'Art Contemporain Federico Rui, Suisse

2018 - "L'Art qui protège" Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, Ascoli Piceno

2017 - "Mondes Fantastiques" Palais Zacco, Raguse

2016 - "Oscar Wilde : Le Prince Heureux et Autres Contes" Galerie RvB, Rome

2015 - "Le Temps de lArt" Galerie Estense (Palais des Musées), Modène

2014 - "Aliens. Les formes aliénantes du contemporain" Maison dArioste, Ferrare

2013 - "Tout est un crime immobile" Galerie The Format, Turin

2012 - "Passé Futur" Musées Civiques de Bassano del Grappa

           "Quadratonomade" Palais des Expositions, Rome

2011 - "54e Biennale de Venise" Pavillon Italie, Palais Nervi, Turin

           "La Vie est une Blague" Vente aux enchères Christie's, Milan




  • 2017 Prix excellents peintres-brazzale "œuvre la plus belle de 2017"

  • 2016 Finaliste du concours international World Wide Kitsch

  • 2010 Prix arte laguna, Venise

  • Gagnant du prix Arte laguna section peinture

  • Gagnant du prix spécial galleria Wannabee

  • Prix combat, finaliste, Livourne

  • Prix celeste 2010, sélectionné pour le catalogue, Catan

  • 2009 Prix Yicca

  • 2007 Prix Arte, Milan​


  • Collection d'Art Contemporain The Bank

  • Œuvres permanentes, Bassano del Grappa (VI)

  • Musée Diocésain et Pinacothèque d'Imola

  • Œuvre permanente, Imola

  • MAC

  • Musée d'Art Contemporain de Catane

  • Œuvre permanente, Catane

  • MCA

  • Musée en plein air

  • Œuvre permanente, Camo 

  • Musée Ruggi d'Aragona.

  • Œuvre permanente, Collection Quadratonomade, Château Normand-Souabe de Rende, Rende 

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