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Efrath Bouana, an emerging artist and internationally renowned painter, draws her inspiration from her travels, environment, and the people around her. Born in Israel in 1986, Bouana has enriched her artistic journey in Paris, Barcelona, and Haifa. A graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and holding a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Haifa, she explores notions of identity, culture, and human experience through her works.

Her first solo exhibition, "Solitary Architecture," took place in 2008, marking the beginning of a career punctuated by solo, duo, and group exhibitions in France, Armenia, Iceland, Israel, and Italy. Her artistic expression transcends the boundaries of painting to encompass performance, installations, and music-painting.

Often described as expressionist, her pictorial style reveals the twists and turns of her personal journey, exploring concepts of home and displacement. Alongside her work as a painter, Bouana engages in various musical collaborations, notably with musician Antonina Zarhava and the group Musica'vestys. She has also contributed to three published works, including "Hjalteyri" and "Le Contre Annuaire."

Through her canvases, Bouana delivers a visually stunning and emotionally powerful experience, where the influence of music, rhythm, and movement is palpable. Additionally, she has participated in group exhibitions in prestigious galleries such as Gallery 59 Rivoli in Paris, Maison des Ensembles in Paris, Teddy Gallery in Jerusalem, Hanina Gallery in Tel Aviv, and Shaar 3 in Haifa.

Expositions personnelles

2018 - "BAREFOOT WINGS", Galerie Canopy, San Francisco, USA

2019 - "Sisyphus and others Dreams", Galerie Canopy, San Francisco, USA

2019 - "The Unbearable ease of the elephants", Galerie Canopy, San Francisco, USA

2022 - "The exile swing", Galerie Canopy, San Francisco, USA

2023 - "Les Oasis du désert", La Chapelle, Paris, France

Expositions collectives

2009 - "el caos en su representation", Primo Piano Livin Gallery, Italie

2010 - "lost paradise", Primo Piano Livin Gallery, Italie

2019 - "BEFORE THE PRECIPICE", Galerie Canopy, San Francisco, USA

2019 - "Parade", Galerie Hanina, Tel-Aviv, Israël

2019 - "new proposition", The New Gallery at Teddy, Jérusalem, Israël

2020 - "Traces at the time of lockdown", Galerie Canopy, San Francisco, USA

2022 - Galerie Schwab Beaubourg, Paris, France

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