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Born in 1995, trained at the Boulle school, Arts Deco in Paris and the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, Louis-Paul Caron developed with digital painting a personal, original style of great elegance, marked by his knowledge of art history.

The exhibition we are devoting to him is made up of two parts. In one, you will see masterpieces from the Renaissance and subsequent centuries, from Leonardo da Vinci to Jacques-Louis David, revisited by Louis-Paul Caron: same format, same composition, very similar drawing, but style contemporary pictorial of great purity. You will be able to compare with the originals which are in Paris in the Grande Galerie du Louvre.

In the other part, you will find portraits, individual and group, from the artist's imagination with the same strength and beauty.

As with our previous hybrid exhibitions, the physical works will be visible in our gallery on rue Quincampoix, and the corresponding NFTs in our virtual gallery in the Metaverse Cryptovoxels.

In both cases, they are unique pieces.

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