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Albanian artist

Lives in Poland

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Born in 1994 in Albania, Rudolf Faja studied art in his country, then in Slovenia. He now lives and works in Poland. He has exhibited with growing success in Albania, Finland, Poland, Turkey, France, where he is now represented by the Schwab Beaubourg gallery.  ​

“In the tender embrace of memory, moments sparkle like stars on the immense velvet of time. A journey through a dreamscape, of nostalgia, where the echoes of days gone by whisper tales of innocence and wonder.  Each painting is a portal to a once-familiar world, now preserved in the amber glow of memory. From the laughter that danced across sunny meadows to the silent tranquility of moonlit nights, each brushstroke evokes the bittersweet symphony of days gone by.  In the slow cadence of the brush against the canvas, we find comfort through the beauty of moments that will never return, but which remain eternally in the recesses of our hearts. The paintings serve as windows to a world where innocence reigns supreme and where the colors of childhood are deep. In the dimly lit chambers of reminiscences where time languidly unfolds like wisps of smoke, memories emerge like a cinematic ode to the enigmatic terrain of memory.  None of the moments depicted will ever happen again: the first church I saw when I set foot on a new, unknown land, the view from the window of a house where I once lived, my sister on a lazy Sunday in a house that no longer exists, a mother waiting for her children to return from promised lands, a lunch with workers, summer evenings, people queuing to buy popcorn before a concert, the stairs of 'a house sold, places where we kissed, cold days where we hugged each other.  In the twilight realm of these memories, we are reminded of the fragility of human existence, of the ephemeral nature of all things. And yet, amidst the transience and decay, there exists a deep and enduring beauty, a beauty that lies not in the preservation of the past, but in the very act of remembering. » Faja Street

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