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Étrange humanité


APRIL 20TH, 2024




- An universe where beauty emerges from the shadows, where the past resonates with the present -


Sergio Padovani lives and works in Modena, Italy, where he was born in 1972. Initially expressing himself through music, he turned to painting in 2007, with a talent, strength, and originality that led him to participate in the Venice Biennale as early as 2011.

He has been exhibiting for 15 years in major Italian cities, from Milan to Palermo, passing through Padua, Modena, Ferrara, Bologna, Rome, and has won several painting awards. His sole subject is man, in his complexity, madness, suffering, his inspiration and style reminiscent of those of an illustrious predecessor: Jérôme Bosch.


He is an artist who enjoys transcending eras. With a medieval sensitivity and a contemporary vision, he challenges current artistic conventions by drawing inspiration from past masters. The paintings immediately immerse us in present turmoil, showing a humanity filled with despair but also with beauty and harmony.


His compositions are complex narratives that blend the sufferings of the human soul with the mysteries of the universe.

Exploring the great questions that concern us, such as the meaning of life, the quest for the sacred, and the confrontation with death, his canvases become meditations on the relationship between earth and sky, on the conflicts and exchanges between civilizations. He thus offers the public an invitation to dive into his fascinating universe. An artistic experience that promises to stir emotions and provoke thought.


Recognized today as one of the greatest contemporary Italian figurative painters, Sergio Padovani is present in numerous international collections.


We are delighted and proud to present his work for the first time in France.

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